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Before Care Enrollment Form (Coming Soon)

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Request to Use H. W. Porter Sign

If you are interested in having a message posted to the Horace W. Porter electronic sign at the entrance to our school, please submit your request using the form below.

Bonnie Quinn will respond to your request. If you have any questions, you may call her at 860.228.9493 ext. 165 or email at

Please Note:

  • Requests are to be submitted to the school office at least 7 days before the scheduled request.

  • Message length is limited to one or two lines. We reserve the right to edit content to fit the space as needed

Town Lighting Standards

The Planning and Zoning Committee approved the sign based on the purpose stated, and included a condition that "the duration of the display shall change a maximum of once per minute with no movement during the transition, and the illumination shall meet the lighting standards of Section 65.6.”

Section 65.6 Lighting Standards for properties with uses except single family, single family with accessory unit, and two family residences. (Effective 5/1/17). The location, height, design and arrangement of outside lighting shall conform to the provisions of the following:65.6.1 All exterior lights and illuminated signs shall be designed, located, installed and directed in such a manner as to prevent objectionable light at the property lines and disability glare at any location on or off the property. The lighting must also be, as much as physically possible, contained to the target area. The maintained horizontal illuminance recommendations set by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) shall be observed.65.6.2 All exterior lighting shall use full cut-off or shielded type fixtures.65.6.3 Externally illumination for a display, building or other aesthetic lighting must be by downlighting (lit from above to shine downward).65.6.4 All lighting shall prevent disability glare for drivers or pedestrians. Light shall not trespass beyond the property line. All non-essential lighting shall be turned off after business hours, leaving only the necessary lighting for site security. (Non-essential lighting applies to: display, aesthetic, building, and parking lighting.)65.6.5 All exterior lighting which existed lawfully on the effective date of these Regulations or any amendment hereto shall be legal nonconforming.
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