Columbia School District


The Columbia School System provides regular bus transportation to Horace W. Porter School, Bolton High School, E.O. Smith High School and VoAg,  and Windham Technical High School. High school students and Porter students share bus transportation. 

The district's transportation vendor is M&J Bus, Inc. If you have a concern or a compliment to share about M&J Bus, please contact  Assistant Principal Karen Caputo.

Any questions specific to High School transportation please contact Brenda Morey

Pickup Schedule

PK-8 & High School 

PK-8 and designated high school general education bus routes and times are published in the Willimantic Chronicle in mid-August. They are updated as necessary throughout the school year. 

PK-8 and high school bus routes and times can also be found at the links above (morning pickup only).

The Columbia School System provides regular transportation for high school students attending Bolton High School, E.O. Smith High School, and Windham Technical School.  Please contact 860-228-8590 concerning any high school transportation questions.

Drop-off Procedure

PK4 Students

When dropping off students in the early childhood grades of K-4, the bus driver must be able to see a parent, guardian or designated person waiting for the child. This must be enforced for all student deliveries including emergency closings. Any children in grades K-4 not having a designated person to receive them will be returned to the school by the bus driver. At the beginning of each school year, parents and guardians will designate the person or persons that will be responsible for receiving young students at their destination.

It is important for parents of PK-4 students to follow this procedure.

Bus Safety Rules 

Parents should review review the following bus safety expectations with their children. 

Transportation Notes

Please complete the Transportation Notes Form for EACH CHILD if any of the following circumstances pertain:

If it is going to be a regular occurrence, you may complete one form with a date range. 

If it is one-time change, please complete this form for each instance. This form gives your permission for your child to be picked up.  If you have any questions, please call (860) 228-9493.

Inclement Weather 

Please click this button for information on both how we communicate inclement weather changes and our district procedures regarding transportation during inclement weather.