Columbia School District

Special Education and Student Services

School Social Work

The social worker for the Columbia School District helps students in Pre-K through grade 8 overcome barriers to their academic success.

The school social worker:

  • Provides social work counseling to students and parents.

  • Provides specialized services such as crisis intervention and risk assessments.

  • Facilitates and supports social emotional learning opportunities for students.

  • Uses community resources and serves as a liaison between school, families and agencies..

  • Attends PPT and 504 meetings to develop and implement I.E.P goals and objectives, behavior plans, etc., to meet the social, emotional, behavioral and adaptive functioning needs of students.

  • Collects and analyzes data to ensure that goals are met and crafts appropriate interventions that will assist students in their overall functioning.

  • Provides staff consultation to implement strategies that promote student learning, such as behavior modifications and differentiated instruction.

  • Participates in professional development opportunities to keep on the forefront of scientific supported data to best support the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students.

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Small Groups

The school social worker facilitates small groups throughout the school year including friendship groups, divorce groups, social skills groups and lunch bunches.

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